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Special Education at Malden High

on May 5, 2013

I’ve mentioned a lot about Malden High School in my previous blog posts but that is because I have so many connections. I graduated from Malden High in 2010, my sister will graduate in June and my brother is currently a sophomore there. In addition, my mom works at Malden High and I have made many friends there in the PACE Program (Special Education Classes) who I still keep in touch with today.

The PACE Program does a lot to help their students build the right motor and life skills to succeed after graduation. One of my previous blogs talks about my experience teaching in a PACE classroom and some of the life skills that they practice. You can find that blog post here.

Their main goal in the PACE program, like I said, is getting the students ready for life after graduation. Several times a week, the older students go to work at New England Coffee in Malden for a few hours.

They also work as “waiters” at Malden High. Every Thursday, Mrs. Freeman, one of the PACE teachers sends out an email to the entire school asking if anyone would like to order breakfast on Friday morning. Then, whoever replies gets a visit from a PACE student on Friday morning.

Each student goes to  a teacher or faculty member with their pen and paper in hand and takes their breakfast and/or coffee order and goes to pick it up at the Tornado Cafe (Malden High’s breakfast cafe). The students then deliver the food and the faculty pays them and gives them a tip. All of their tips go toward their weekly outings.

I think the Malden High Pace Program does an excellent job of getting the students ready for life after high school and an even better job at promoting acceptance and inclusion throughout the entire community


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